Pregnant Yoga

Lamaze Classes 



Here at Bayside Medical Clinic, we offer Lamaze classes to all our patients! We believe participating in Lamaze classes is very beneficial to ensuring a safe and easy delivery.                                    

What Is Lamaze?


Lamaze is a stress free and wholesome experience that teaches you methods to improve breathing and stretches which prevent blood clotting and relieve muscle ache. It aims to provide comfort and soothe the patient of any mental worries or physical pain. It is a popular class as many new mothers found it very helpful in preparing them for the birth of their baby. 


What We Offer


If you have already purchased one of our deluxe or vip packages, you already have access to 5+ lamaze classes without charge. 


If not, each Lamaze class costs only L$500. We offer both classes at the clinic and one on one classes at your home. You can chose whether to join the class with others or take the class alone. Whichever you find most convenient for you.


Each Lamaze class is at 2pm slt every Thursday. The time and day will be different depending on if you would like a private class at home or at the clinic.


If you are interested in this, please fill out a form by clicking on the link below.